Step By Step

Get some useful "how to's" for this Template.

How To Edit The Navabars

Note: This template uses 2 Navbars one is Navbar and the other Fixed Navbar, so you will need to change both. The Fixed Navbar is hidden so you will need to change its display settings from Display None to Display Block (See instructions below)... once you are done with your changes don't forget to set again the Display None setting ;)

How To Make Visible Hide Sections (like Pop Up, Hero Section, Fixed Navbar and others)?

1. Go to your Navigator Panel and select the desired section (Pop Up/Hero 2 or Fixed Navbar Element)

2. Go to your Style Panel and change the display view from Display None to Display Block

Done! Don't forget to set again the display view to Display None when you are done with changes.

How To Change The Text Of The Side Bar Button?

In order to make the text look good on the side bar we placed an image instead of real text, we did this because the real text gets blurry when you turn it vertical. Download the psd file for that text here (font Montserrat).

How To Make a Text Link?

This one is very easy... you only need to double-click on the word you want to make a link and then utilizing you right mouse button, click the link icon; this will convert that word into a text link.

Important Note: if you want to have a underline effect on your text link you need to make the word a link and then add a combo class called "link" (already preset) this will make your text link have the underline effect. Why we did it in this way? Because if you add the underline hover effect to "all links" that will add a underline effect to all link (images, link blocks, etc) and we think you don't want that.  

Note About The Speakers Section on Home Page

We've added up to six speakers in the home page, in case you want to add more speakers to the home page you would need to add them manually. But you can add unlimited speakers to the speakers page without any "manual" addition.

Update 1.3

The Activity Collection was removed for easier handling of the Schedule.

Update 1.2

Text instead of a background image was used on the fixed side tab.

Update 1.1

"Features Section" was added to the main page.

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