1. Register

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To join you have to register here.

ImportantDo not register more than one time! If you have already registered, and need a ticket, skip to part 2.

Thanks for registred! We can´t wait to see you in august!

Remember to buy the ticket aswell!
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2. Buy ticket

Tickets can be bought at the festival.

To get a ticket you can use the latest version of an app called Vipps. It is also possible to buy a ticket during the Fadderfestival in August. We accept both card and cash payment.

There is 2 ways to by the ticket online:
1.Scan the picture under using a QR scanner. It will open Vipps and go straight to the vippsGo store.

2. Or you can open up Vipps. Go to the button called "Buy and pay" ( /"Kjøp og betal"). In the searchfield, enter the vipps number: "98221".

You will get a receipt that you can show in the counter to get your entrance t shirt.

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